We all have been in this lock-down status, sitting at home for around 40 days now… And if this blog of mine sounds a bit shaky, blame it on the quarantine period..!! Psychiatrists say that it is perfect to be a little “crazy” in such periods!!! I read a wonderful Billionaire quote:

If you don’t come out of this quarantine with:

-A new skill

– Your side hustle started

-More knowledge

You never lacked time, you lacked discipline

This quote has made me write this blog.

I always had a very busy life. Since my age of 21, I have been working. I completed my Master’s and got a job in Fergusson College. I did my PhD along with this job. Got married, have a lovely daughter, did post-doc in the USA, shifted to DRDO and continuing .. continuously. It has been more than 30 years of continuous work, with absolutely no gap… I recall that when delivered my daughter, I went for a day in my laboratory, even from the hospital (I never knew that it was forbidden!!).

Being a professional at fairly good level, and struggling to be the best in my own domain, I did earn good applauds and rewards. However, lately, maybe in past 3-4 years I had been continuously thinking that I need a change..

What was this “change”? I didn’t know… I had a pool of friends, with whom, whenever I used to chat, I would say this…

Maybe, more travel?? Well, for my work I travel a lot…. in country and abroad… for meetings conferences… big deal…!! But maybe a travel with no agenda, I was meaning?? I don’t know..

Maybe, more chat time??? Well, lately, I do miss meaningful conversations… Well, due to my current position in my Institute, I meet so many people… big deal, again…!! But maybe the connect is missing… I would love a very few friends with whom I could talk on same frequency.. and share experiences… maybe with those belonging to different walks of life…

Maybe, my own enterprise, my own company..?? Well, I have been doing innovative research projects for so long. I keep writing papers, publish in peer-reviewed international journals.. big deal, again…!!  But maybe, I wish to do something which will give me a pleasure of “creation” and offering it to the Society which needs it…

And, as it is said, when you want something absolutely and genuinely, you will get it..

I never wanted the time to come by my side, the way it did… I never wanted to invite a virus in the world to stop the world for this petty desire of mine… But it came anyways, and I was left with time.. due to lockdown.. Now time was going slow… pushing me to something I wanted for ages..!!

It did not click me first. I went busy completing the work which was pending. Unfinished papers, project proposal writing, meetings with students, faculty colleagues and such things. But I soon realized that this is my Dream Time.. I should explore NOW…

Well, I couldn’t travel… but I could plan one… only for myself.. a “Solo” one…

I am not obliged to talk to many now… I could talk to only those who give me pleasure of company.. very very few… and I could get a wonderful connections.. !!! They were already there, but realization came NOW..!!

I always wanted to plan for my own enterprise… and I could plan wonderfully… the plan is clearer now…

I learnt to take care of myself.. good food and health, I could invest more time and carve out a plan… thanks to my wonderful instructor and a genuine friend..

I could concentrate on the current pandemic conditions and using the learning’s through my profession, along with my wonderful colleagues and students, I could frame a wonderful proposal to help the needy, in India.. That was so satisfying..

The travel through the tunnel is also important… it helps you conquer your fears.. Our tunnel is made by us.. use it now… because time is by your side.!!

People say that if you are in a dark tunnel, remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel….

Well, it is true… but more vivid fact is also this that,

 The travel through the tunnel is also important… it helps you conquer your fears.. Gets you accustomed to that temporary darkness.. so that, as you come out of the tunnel, your vision is clearer… because you have “Lived” through the tunnel, and not just waited for it to “pass”…!!!

Our tunnel is made by us.. use it now… because time is by your side.!!

Published by sangeeta kale

This is Sangeeta Kale. I work as a Professor in Physics and research is my passion. Studied from University of Pune and University of Maryland (College Park, USA), I work mainly on Sensors and Nanotechnology. Fitness, Marathon running, car rally driving and travelling are few of my other passions. Correlating science to various aspects is the intention of this blog: right from technological advances to humanity and philosophy.!

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  1. Yes Maam, truly I could relate myself…yes getting wonderful time to do some meaningful work and think calmly with tranquility… good luck for ur future articles.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You have a command over words and the way to present your thoughts. Apt selfie and the caption!
    All the best for all the ventures planned, including your Solo trip!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “You never lacked time, you lacked discipline”
      Ma’am that’s true, now I started to take care of myself by daily workout and all, which I think always needed in my case.
      Thanks for such motivating blogs.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Beautifully put out ma’am. 🙌🏻
    The sentence, ‘Our tunnel is made by us’ hits to the core.👍🏼


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