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  1. Hey Sangeeta very well written article, any common man will understand the modus operandi of corona virus and how one should keep oneself safe!


  2. Yes, as u have nicely put , let’s attack on 22nd March. But as Gabbar Singh, had a habbit of raiding Ramgarh again and again be ready to confuse him with our timely attacks …..

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    1. Thanks Uma.. Yes, you all be safe too..!!
      It is nice to put the things we can share in a “entertaining” mode. Then only people read, I guess.. Else, we researchers are considered boring people..!


  3. Nice one ma’am, I may know the origin of gabbar singh but then that may ruin the moral of the blog…


    1. If you know, you should put it here. Because everyone thinks differently. Chetan thinks in one way. See other responses and you will see the difference… open-ended articles have their own beauty. It gives room for interpretation and evaluation of our own imagination..


  4. Specific and wonderfully written, ma’am. No other movie could relate better than this.

    Basanti can be in the same squad (maybe Emergency Medical Technician ) of Jai & Veeru, who helps them with her Dhanno (Ambulance) to fight against the Gabbar.

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  5. Original Story of Sholay was Thakur vanquishing Gabbar , due to Emergency in 1975 the end was changed to show Gabbar put in Police Custody and treated per Law . Hope Corona is Vanquished and not kept in custody

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  6. Nice … Gabbar is international ☺
    And perhaps the next step..
    Everyone know the origin of this Gabbar… I think its time international community take a hard stand and put pressure on the authorities of this region… isn’t it time to make them accountable before it repeats again..and again..😤


    1. Preetam, I had exactly this in mind. And I am hoping that after the quarantine phase is over and we all are “safe”, appropriate action will be taken to make them accountable.
      But, you see the responses of other people on this blog and you will see the variety of views. This is the beauty of such platforms, which I like..!


  7. Very informative article ma’am, this is explained in very simple way in which many things are covered like what is virus (it’s structure), how it can be spread and how could we control its spread and nice instructional message in the end.

    The thing that I like most is selection of this particular movie and Coronavirus get compared with Gabbar Singh (i.e. human). This simply explains that virus is originated from inhuman and unsocial activity. So, this is the answer to your first question.
    For your second question, social media will be the Basanti, who is keeping track on all good and bad activities across the territory. Just giving try..

    Also, In movie, Thakur has compromised his both hands, In similar way Modi Ji has compromised his country’s economy.

    We can hope that this will end very soon, history will repeat once again and in the end humanity will win this race.


    1. Good thoughts Chetan, and very different. Someone else feels that our Thakur is well equipped with his hands like Amit Shah ji and Doval ji.. the takes of different people are different, which is good to see..


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