Blog 22: Illusive Likes and Dislikes

Nature is resilient. It can very quickly regain their original potential. Humans cannot. We have to, hence, wisely take decisions and act with responsibility.

Blog 21: Starry Constellation.

Just as a common man in any country is innocent about the way in which his/her cellphone is catching the signals, are we (all humans) ignorant about some facts/missions of the “real” stars and planets in this universe?

Blog 17 : Nataraja..

A scientifically inclined brain is normally not aligned with mythology. However, as one thinks deeper, many things makes sense.. lot of sense. The balance of this universe, amidst the dynamic energy flow is the stability and tranquility seen in Nataraja’s posture. It is said that Lord Shiva danced the Universe into existence… which is very near to the particle physicists studying the evolution of this universe..!!

Blog 15: Simple, Cheaper yet Effective Communication – the 5G Technology

Urge to surpass the technological progress road-blocks often lead to solutions which are simpler, non-intuitive and disruptive..!! This blog is inspired from the blog of Dr. Emil Björnson (