Bridging Industry Demands and Academic Research

Should academics take the responsibility of going further with their research results and ensure that they are available to the public in a form that is accessible and intelligible? Well, yes…! Do manufacturers also have the responsibility to use in-house technology for product development? The answer, again, is yes…!

Keep reading the details in the Cover Article of The Tilak Chronicle, Dated September 03, 2019..

Sangeeta Kale writes about Bridging Industry Demands and Academic Research in this article for #TheTilakChronicle –

getting started..

Getting started.. this is my first blog. Let me share as to why I thought of creating a blog and what do I intend to write here. Luckily, in everyday life, I meet variety of people. They range from my scientific community colleagues, to my running buddies, my gym friends and people in my social circle. Well, I have often observed that during different conversations, we generate good ideas, wider understandings and deeper meanings. Depending on the people with whom we converse, the ideas interlink in an extremely interesting fashion and generate a new concept. I have often observed that with an intricate scientific concept, someone can link a profound philosophical thought.. which surprises me..!! Curiosities of different professions, scientific progresses, technological advances, and lives of various people metaphor into something which opens up new dimensions of understanding. Curiosity is at the center of human race and this urges us to explore new things and understand a single scenario in various dimensions. If these ideas and understandings are not penned down, they evaporate. And if they are shared, the think-tank expands, and like-minded people from wide areas of professional domains come together. Gathering such people is the idea of this blog. Exchanging ideas and generating new ones is the main agenda..! Let me see how I do…