Blog 7: Grain Boundaries and State Boundaries: An operational simile!

Every country is like a polycrystalline material, I thought..
Every state is like a grain, comprising of people of similar types (like atoms in a grain).
A material can be made to work in its best performance mode by handling the grain boundaries properly and ensuring that these boundaries are minimal. Same way, a country can run with best economy of the inter-state politics is kept minimal and people think alike..!!

Blog 6: “Un-settled” is a new “settlement” – Welcome to Generation ”Y” aka Millennials

Surfing on the net today I got caught over a nice article on Millennials. I was interested in knowing more about these, who are born between 1980 to say 2000. They are also called as Generation “Y”, because they are in between the just gone, Generation “X” and preceding Generation ”Z”..!! I am fortunate to …